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Progress report 11-9-2021

Progress report 11-9-2021

Whats to report Dev !?!

First and foremost as u might noticed the update reports will move to the plugins website. this is so that everyone with or without discord can follow them.
However if u wanna stay notified and get direct update notifications and more please join the support discord and stay up2date!

So what have i done in the past timeframe since the last post. Well. a lot !
i pushed a update for StreamerGUI with a file glitch fix and also a fix for loading the commands for the newly added start and end events!

Beside that i also worked on MCG StarCraft optimizing some stuff and implemented the new Copper ore into the plugin howerver that update comes later then this news post 😉

Then for Bluemap essentials. i have a update ready however i cannot release it yet due to bluemap being behind bluemap has a major error in its current 1.5.5 release This bug prevents adding new images to bluemap and causes icons to dissapear or change to default due to naming problems.
Its 1.6.0 that is in snapshot phase is working and thats where this update is based on.
to prevent issues complains bad reviews and more i stick to wait until the 1.6.0 update is out on spigot before releasing the update.

Then we have MCG Ultimate Quester.
The gui’s are being tested im working my way through the entire ingame editor trying out every option and combination of options aswell as i need to test the citizens support. Its a major load of work but once this test succeeds completely i can setup a video preview of it and implement some minor extra things before posting it to spigot and MCMarket for release.
If u have suggestions for objective types and more to be added be sure to let me know on discord aswell in the suggestions channel or the off-topic.

then i was working on something special im releasing some screenshots along the way on discord aswell so take a look there to guess what it is 🙂 im not gonna release any info for this until im sure to release it like it but im still working on it 🙂

As always for questions support and suggestions please join the support discord and use the appropriate channels!

Seeya all next time!