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News and more 17-09-2021

News and more 17-09-2021

Whats to report Dev !?!

So first off let me give a small request!
Many and i say many of u use the MCG Plugins!
Strange enough almost nobody enabled the use of the MCG PS system.
May i remind you that enabling this allows me to fix bugs faster when they occuer.
By doing /mcg ingame u can turn it on and turn on/off different features.
When a Critical error occuers in a MCG plugin and the system is enabled it will generate a report and send it to my Bugreporter to check out. u can choose urself what gets send and what not.
It will generate a number and gives u the number back. the plugin will then every startup check if there is a solution already. if there is it will provide you with the solution!
Beside that i can then squash the error out and fix it for everyone.
And no personal info is stored or send. so its completely annonymous.
So if u can please at least enable the basic error sending so i can track bugs! thank you 🙂

Now thats out of the way.
Let me get on to the real stuff!
First off lets talk about MCG Ultimate quester.
Its working and the basis is stable im still running into some issues using the gui so i need to squash them first. but once thats out of the way its ready for a alpha release.
The alpha release will cost the normal price. it will start at 9 euros and slowly goes up as new features are added.

Then i shown some screenshots on discord and get a lot of emails and questions about it so let me answer some common here 🙂
1. Is this a change for MCG Starcraft. < Yes and no part of this system will be moved to starcraft’s MCGWG module but not fully.
2. What is that? < Like stated in discord its a cave generator together with other features to generate a world that exists of only caves and underground (no above ground anymore)
3. is that going to be a plugin? if so does it become premium? < Maybe and maybe. i need to know if people really want this or not. otherwise i keep it private. if u wanna let me know that u really like it and wanna see more of it let me know on discord (suggestions off-topic)

So those where the most common ones. other ones not specifically for the screenshots i answer below:
1. can u make x for me or my server < No i do not work on orders from others even when people wanna pay me for it. i get a lot of kids asking if i can make … plugin for them or customize a existing one some ask it for free others push like 4 euros as offer. and sorry that i say this but making custom orders is worth a lot more then 4 euros 20 is even a bit low thats why i never do these things because if i help 1 person 10 comes back at me and state i have to do it for them aswell and im not intending to do that and i also do not want a unfair system so in the end i cannot pickup any job offered.

2. why  didnt u release MCG BME live player update yet?
some ask me this but the answer has already been given. Im waiting for Bluemap v 1.6 to release fully but since it takes a lot of time im gonna push out the update today in BETA form with the warning u need Bluemap 1.16 or 1.16.1 but its recommended to wait for the update.

3. Why are there so little updates past few weeks. <
Well to be onest there arent much updates needed everything works as expected so the only updates needed are feature additions and thats what im working on however the more features in a plugin the harder it gets to think of new ones or the bigger the features get so takes more time. Take starcraft for example great plugin fully working the only thing thats on my list is more themes and adding caves.
nothing more so if u have suggestions be sure to post them on Discord!

Now the final announcement.
Discord is changing its way of how bots are used.
Bots may in the future not read the chat anymore
Bots may not use chat commands anymore and must use slash commands.
these 2 things are going to completely mess up the verification system on the MCG Network. since i cannot get verified by discord because my community and bot is to small for it its a dead road ahead.
Because i do not wanna let everyone down on this the system is being altered and automated. so soon as soon as u verify urself using the link from console the roles are given directly instead of after the !verify command.
Beside that im working on altering the verification system to be usable from ingame. this means doing /mcg and clicking verify for support.
This will give u the same link as during startup but hopefully without the console issues.

Thats it for now! Good luck!

Ps. i still need screenshots from MCG StreamerGUI when in use. in discord i will put up a post with the required screenshots and requests if u help me with it there might be a reward! more about that in the discord post!