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Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft 1.18 and MCG Plugins

Where do i start 🙂

MCG is always on top of changes and more thats the entire reason why i try to prevent the use of NMS in MCG Plugins. while thats mostly the case the only thing that uses NMS are the Anvil Input GUI’s which is a external class from an other dev adjusted to the MCG Standard.

This means  that i can only update those plugins once the class is supported in reflection.
So this is the result:

ALL MCG Plugins in the following list work except  the input in a AnvilGUI
BME < works fully in 1.18 as long as the other plugins have support for it
StarCraft < Works fully except world creator and galaxy travel
Ultimate Quester < Broken quest creation and manager. the quest remain in working order
MCG Streamer GUI < new streamer additions and removals are broken the rest works as normal

as soon as i have the chance i update the plugins to 1.18  thanks in advance and i hope to see you soon! if u have questions ask them on discord!