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MCG Plugin Security

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What is MCG Plugin Security?

MCG Plugin Security is a system designed to make squashing bugs and errors more easy.
Not only that its made to remove the reporting need and all the forms most devs need.
It basically catches any error and packs them into a message.
Using /mcg reports you can send these reports towards MCG for investigation.
You do need a MCG Central account on https://central.mcgsoft.eu to use this feature.

What does it do?

Once a error pops up (no matter what type) in any of the MCG Plugins it catches it and pushes a more easy to understand error overview. what occuered what can be done? is it common?
And if you report it will try to see if there is already a solution if so provide the solution directly if not report it for investigation by the dev.
The report always contains the stacktrace of the error (basically the error itself including where it came from. which class and on what line.) and the server version
Optionally you can send a medium or full report with different included data like the latest log or plugins list

What about my privacy?

I totally understand that matter. thats why no personal or relateable information is send with the base report.
NO ip NO name NO server title motd playernames ect.
If you choose to send the medium or full report it might send the latest log that does contain some possibly server related information however this is just for investigation of the error and will not be shared nor looked into by other people then just the MCG Dev mmuziek.
nobody else. and the log is wiped when its problem is fixed or if its outdated.
The plugin list is only to see the plugins and their version to see if the versions match the ones supported. and if there is no outdated module in the mcg plugin causing it.
The server version is just sending PAPER build xxx or SPIGOT-1.16.5 snapshot nothing more nothing less.

So to be short there will be no personal or relateable info the only thing that might contain it depending on the way you look at it is the latest log but if thats not send Nothing is send that can be tracked down or something,

Where can i enable/disable the system?

From MCGPS version 1 and lower it can be edited in the MCG Plugin Security folder config.yml file.
From version 2 you can do /mcg as op ingame to get a nice GUI to see its settings
From the new version 3 nothing needs to be disabled u can use /mcg to see the commands

All MCG plugins use the same settings so changing it at 1 location changes it for all

How do i use this?

From version 3 the main command is still the same /mcg.
However in order to use any verification or reporting you need a MCG Central Account which is generated from your discord account if you choose to.
Simply go to https://central.mcgsoft.eu and login.
Thats it now click on register plugin on the right top
And use /mcg register [ID] [Key] ingame.
If all goes well your connected.
Verification will automatically be done from that moment on.
Reporting errors is done using /mcg reports

More commands are:
/mcg discord < gives the discord invite link
/mcg website < gives the website link
/mcg central < gives the central link
/mcg thanks < shows our great donators that make all this possible!

Having more questions? Just ask mmuziek on Discord!