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MCG Streamer GUI 4.4.0

MCG Streamer GUI 4.4.0

MCG Plugin Security Enabled

This plugin is using MCG Plugin Security.
More info and how to enable click below

A new update!

  • Added PlaceholderAPI intergration
  • Based on a suggestion from AZFire
  • Added MCGSG_status_*streamerid* placeholder
  • Added MCGSG_hasdrops_*streamerid* placeholder
  • Added MCGSG_channel_*streamerid* placeholder
  • Added MCGSG_linked placeholder
  • Added MCGSG_followers placeholder
  • Added MCGSG_twitchnick placeholder
  • Added MCGSG_hasclaim placeholder
  • Added MCGSG_checksub placeholder
  • All placeholder info can be found on the docs page https://docs.mcgsoft.eu/mcg-streamer-gui/placeholders