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MCG StarCraft Update 3.0.0

MCG StarCraft Update 3.0.0

MCG Plugin Security Enabled

This plugin is using MCG Plugin Security.
More info and how to enable click below

A new update!

warning please regenerate the biome files and either regen the worldsettings file or add the following UNDER generator:
enabled: false
yleveladdition: 0
cavescale: 0.6

ADDED new Caverncave module to the MCGWG generator now to be used
ADDED 3 new material lines to biomefiles to specify cave materials
INCREASED the cactus size limit to 10 (was 9)
FIXED Copper generator generating iron ore instead of copper ore.
Upgraded MCGPS to 3.1 Fixing the json error on startup
Fair note this is a giant update please backup your worlds and settings before using it. al tho its tested fully u never know 100% on all setups