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MCG StarCraft 2.9.0

MCG StarCraft 2.9.0

MCG Plugin Security Enabled

This plugin is using MCG Plugin Security.
More info and how to enable click below

A new update!

Fixed the anvil gui version not packing correctly.
Added PlaceholderAPI intergration
Added starcraft_name > players name
Added starcraft_hasair > yes or no depending on if he is in a space station
Added starcraft_radlevel > the players location its radiation level
Added starcraft_templevel > the players location its temperature level
Added starcraft_lowgrav > the players location its gravity
Added starcraft_needair > if the players location is a vacuum
Added starcraft_meteor > if the players location can have meteor strikes
Added starcraft_world > the world name
Added starcraft_airtank > the players air tank level
Added starcraft_fueltank > the players fueltank level
Fair note the placeholders are in beta release. they might have some troubles. let me know if something pops up.
Beside that u can also help by enabling the MCG error reporter to send me any error occuers.