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Correction on patreon

Correction on patreon

Whats to report Dev !?!

First off im sorry.
let me explane my sorry to all of you 😉
Yesterday it came to my mind that it might be a good idea to make a patreon page for people who wanted to support me further.
There where awesome benefits with it but unreachable for most of ya since many do not have a possibility to pay a monthly amount of money.
due to this i got a dm from someone asking why i made a patreon page.
Better to say why i made stuff paywalled. that started me thinking what is paywalled.
i found out that beta access for once is indeed paywalled using patreon and exclusive voting and such too. thats when i started to workout a plan that involves a better way thats reachable for all and foremost a fair system.

For that reason the patreon page is taken down.
The new MCG Loyalty program will be coming soon that will replace this system more info on that will be released later on.

Sorry for any inconvenience and if you still wanna support me with a donation http://paypal.me/BitcubesGaming