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BMEP 1.0.4

BMEP 1.0.4

MCG Plugin Security Enabled

This plugin is using MCG Plugin Security.
More info and how to enable click below

A new update!

  • ADDED CMI bedhomes
  • ADDED Death markers (vanilla module)
  • ADDED Spawn Point (Vanilla Module)
  • FIXED security issue in the connection for connected users.
  • FIXED wrong label for CMI Holograms
  • FIXED Center pin location for CMI Portals (possibly)
  • UPDATED api version for FactionsUUID
  • UPDATED api version for worldguard

Note please be sure if a error pops up to report it using the ingame report screen (/mcg reports) and that you have a connected Central account since support is no longer given to those who don’t connect their accounts.