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BME update 3.0.0

BME update 3.0.0

MCG Plugin Security Enabled

This plugin is using MCG Plugin Security.
More info and how to enable click below

A new update!

WARNING! u need the Bluemap Snapshot V1.6 and up to use this update if u use below please stick to the version before this!

  • Added LandLord Plugin support
  • Remade the Civs plugin module (fully works now)
  • Added the MCG Player Tracker as replacement for the live player tracker (that shows plugin information and label along with the player icon
  • Fixed some minor bugs in towny module
  • Fixed bugs in the factions module when a faction didnt have a owner
  • Optimized a lot of code to make it run smoother.
  • Fixed the CMI Module jail locations they where not working for some people using a older lib.