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StarCraft 4.0.0

StarCraft 4.0.0

MCG Plugin Security Enabled

This plugin is using MCG Plugin Security.
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A new update!

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    WARNING! this update is not compatible with existing generated worlds!
    You do need to regenerate the worlds by deleting the old world folders the settings still exists
    (counts for all worlds generated by this plugin)
    Backup the old worlds and worldsettings.yml before updating and remove the world folders and worldsettings file and let them regenerate.
    Then after fill back the worldsettings file with your settings and set the new ones.
    If worlds are already generated simply delete them again.Beside that its very important that from this update onward the plugin only supports 1.18 and up.

    Now for the updated changes:

    • includes the new MCGPS (https://central.mcgsoft.eu)
    • All worldgenerators have been rewritten to support -64 to 320 world height.
    • All worldpopulators have been replaced with the new standard 1.18 complient versions
    • All WorldPopulators now use MCGIsoGen to optimize the render process (lowering the freezes extremely)
    • The Dungeon generator only generates 3×3 when natually generating them Manual generations can be way bigger.
    • ANVIL Gui is updated now supports 1.18 > 1.19.4
    • Core updated to support 1.19.3 and 1.19.4
    • Removed support for 1.17 and lower
    • Brand new ore generation for the MCG WorldGen.
    • Brand new island generation on Aquatic
    • Added Vanilla structure generation support
    • Added Vanilla cave generation (replacing the old MCG Cave gen)
    • Added Vanilla Deco Generation
    • Improved the Generators in a whole.
    Warning! > MCG Plugin Security has been updated the old report sender is removed and new commands where added more info on this on https://plugins.mcgsoft.eu/mcgps/