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Welcome to the new Central place for MCG Plugins


Welcome to the new location where all plugins come together.
MCG always wants the highest quality for all its plugins.
Thus so because remaking a website for all plugins is taking a lot of time
this new place will be where all plugins have their own information!
Checkout the menu above or below to start navigating the website.
Good luck!

spaceslide Get to space Get the resourcepack Travel to space and beyond in this fully features space exploration plugin for spigot!

Create unlimited worlds using the in plugin generator or add your own worlds easily
Including its radiation and temperature distance universe location and more!
The build in MCG Generator includes unlimited options for your own worlds!

Multiblock buildings
Unlimited worlds and universes
Custom items and resources
Resourcepack support
6 Unique Generators
And much much more!
Get the plugin on MCM Get the plugin on spigot
StreamerGUI Connect your server to twitch and support your streamers more! Ingame Chat and events Stream Events Survival Streamer Drops Bits - Subscribe - Status - Follower - hypetrains - raids - CheerBombs and much much more! GUI Controlled Bits Rewards Subscription Actions Auto Ranking Coupon/Codes Generator Streamer Drops Ingame alerts Stream connected Get from MCM Get from spigot